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We are aware of the major commitment it requires for an employer to offer health insurance benefits to its employees. In today's market a competitive benefits package can be a good recruitment tool, as well as good for employee retention. Many small business owners want to offer this benefit, but donít have any idea what it will cost, how many employees they need, how it works, or how it will affect their bottom line in terms of premiums, tax savings, etc. There are many state and federal laws associated with offering health insurance, as well as individual requirements by the various companies offering group health insurance products. Many small business owners currently have medical benefits but are concerned with their rising costs or are wondering if their plan is at a competitive rate.

There is never a fee for our agent services. The premium rates you receive from us are the same as if you purchased a policy directly from the insurance company.

We meet with you, understand your unique situations and help you cut through the labyrinth of information out there. We gather quotes for your specific employees, assist you in making the decision as to when your business are ready to add or to modify this benefit. We also guide you though implementing the benefits or changes, such as developing employment policies, handling payroll deduction, meeting with your employees or board of directors. We can also recommend various ways to administer and finance this benefit for their employees, such as what percentage of the premium to pay, how to handle dependents, etc.

We offer information on a variety of benefits:

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Group life
  • HSAs

As a business owner, you have enough on your plates without having to research how to develop a health insurance benefit package. Let us do the leg-work for you and let you know specifically how it will effect your bottom line.


Fax or email us a census of your employees, their birth dates, dates of hire, and tobacco use. We also need information about the dependents they will be putting on the policy, including spouses names and birth dates and the number of children. You may send us a last State Unemployment Tax form (SUTA) form with any missing info added to it.


Email or call our office 208-466-6677

What you can expect from us:

  1. An agent will meet with you either in person or on the telephone about your company, number of employees, current plan, etc.
  2. The agent will provide the quotes from competitive companies.
  3. The agent will analyze the quotes, prepare a summary, and present it to you showing an outline of coverage options VS costs for all competitors
  4. You will decide what plan best fits your situation (or decide to take no action at this timeóthere is no obligation on your part)
  5. Once a plan is chosen, the agent will work with the company to get the policy in place and with you to get materials to your employees.  We can meet to discuss available products and premiums to devise a plan that meets your needs and budget.
  6. The agent acts as an ongoing partner and liaison for you with the insurance company---assists employees with questions, and helps you complete paperwork to add new employees, delete employees, and change benefits.

Frequently Requested Information:

Small Group requirements:

Number of employees: Many employers wonder when they are large enough to offer health insurance benefits. Most companies offer plans for as few as 2 full-time employees.

Percentage of participation: all companies require that companies maintain a certain percentage of employees who elect coverage VS those that do not elect coverage and have no other qualifying coverage. This percentage is based on the size of the company. We will work with you to determine whether or not you can meet these requirements.

Advantages of Small Group coverage VS Individual coverage:

Some small companies consist of spouses and other family members. We are frequently asked which is better----an individual plan, or a group plan. The answer to that question varies depending on your unique situation. We frequently get quotes for both options and analyze the results to determine which is more cost effective.

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