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With escalating costs for medical care, as well as for health insurance, it is frequently a difficult decision as to what type of health insurance policy best meets your needs. We are licensed and appointed with Pacific Source, Blue Cross of Idaho, Ameritas and Mountain Health Co-op. We can customize your healthcare plan to maximize your coverage and minimize your costs. And we can help you cut through the health care lingo, such as co-insurance, co-pays, deductibles, and show you how they work in real life.

There is never a fee for our agent services. You get the same premium rates as if you went to the company and purchased a policy directly from them. But having us as an agent adds value to your plan, as we are there to act as a liaison between you and the insurance company, to contact you with any changes in your plan, to give you a heads up on premium increases and give you options to keep your rates lower, and to keep you aware of additional plans that may be issued that may better meet your needs or save you money.

We are available to work with you in whatever manner is more comfortable with you---via the internet, via email, via the telephone, or in person.

Student Health Insurance Plans

Many universities and colleges require students to have health insurance, but the plans they provide can be expensive and have limited coverage.

We can offer you either Short Term or Student Plans that are designed for undergraduate and graduate college students. This plan is ideal for single students no longer covered under their parents' health plan, if they live outside their parents' HMO or PPO area, or are considering a college-sponsored plan.

We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Call us (208.466.6677) or send us an email.

What you can expect from us when you send us an email or telephone our office:

  1. An agent will respond to your email to gather information from you and determine what information you want back.
  2. The agent will send you any information you requested---a soft quote or an application for a firm quote
  3. The agent will guide you through the process to determine whether or not you are eligible for a government subsidy of help you work outside the government system, if you prefer.
  4. Once the quotes are back, the agent will assist you to shop for and choose a policy that meets your health care needs, includes the doctor and facility network you prefer, and is the bes value for you personally.
  5. The agent remains at your service after the policy is issued, to answer any questions, make any changes, or deliver any type of support you require.
  6. Agent gives you a heads up of any upcoming changes, renewals, or any information that affects you or your policy.
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