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At age 65, your health insurance generally switches to Medicare. However, there are often gaps in the coverage Medicare offers. Those gaps may be filled by a supplemental insurance, so when the time comes that you need medical attention, you're totally covered. Secondary coverage can give you peace of mind about the medical problems that may arise in your golden years. After all, isn't retirement supposed to be spent doing the things you love, and not worrying about how to pay for medical bills?

We have a Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plan specialist at Treasure Valley Health Insurance. Gary Case has completed licensing courses specific to these products. He focuses on knowing how the health care providers work in the Treasure Valley and can help recommend a policy for you based on your unique needs and budget.

He enjoys working one-on-one with potential and current clients to keep them informed of the constant changes in coverage and plans that are available. Once you are a customer, he will not forget you, he will stay in contact so that he knows if your situation changes and will inform you about new options as they become available.

For customized service in this area, please call our main office at 466-6677 and we will set up an appointment for you with Gary.

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